Available Rooms

With a beautiful Auditorium, a spacious Exhibit Hall, elegant Ballroom space, and 12 flexible Meeting Rooms, The Old National Events Plaza can host a variety of events ranging from 20 to 4,000.

Room Set-Up

The Old National Events Plaza will provide set-up for events in the Meeting Rooms, Ballrooms, and Exhibit Halls. Set-up confirmation must be made at least seven days prior to the event. Any changes made after that time may involve additional set-up fees, at the prevailing hourly rate of the in-house laborers.
Room Set-Up Styles

Banquet Style
- For 72" rounds, it is possible to fit between eight to ten people per table, with eight obviously being more roomy and comfortable. Tables can be placed as close as 11' centers, meaning there are 5' between each table to accommodate two chairs and space to fit between them. If your catering services are more complex you might consider changing this to 12'. In addition, major aisles should be accounted and planned for in the layout, to allow central access to the room without having to walk through the tables. This is especially important when the meal is catered with servers.
Theater Style - Rows can be up to 14 chairs wide before an aisle is needed. To allow appropriate access, chairs are placed with a minimum of 36' from the front legs of one row to the front legs of the next row. The option also arises to set the room wide and shallow or narrow and deep. If the room is set wide, the best option is to rotate the outside sections of chairs to face the stage or head table, allowing better comfort for the audience. Fire aisles must be maintained around the perimeter of the room.
Classroom Style - The Old National Events Plaza has 18' x 6' classroom tables. Two people will fit at each table comfortably. Three tables may be placed in a row before an aisle is needed. An aisle must be maintained around the perimeter of the room. A classroom set-up can also be accommodated by utilizing 8' x 2' tables. These tables can seat 3-4 people comfortably.

Equipment Rental

The Old National Events Plaza has a variety of in-house equipment such a tables, chairs, staging, dance floor, spotlights, easels, flip charts, etc. Rental of the Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms includes one microphone with lectern and two (2) 4' X 8' sections of staging. Additional staging, microphones, wireless microphones, lavaliere microphones and line feeds are provided at additional expense.

Rental rates on all rooms include the rental of one podium, one microphone, one dry erase easel & flip chart, tables and chairs (except exhibit booths), coat racks, maintenance and room set-up/clean-up. Please refer to The Old National Events Plaza's Equipment Rates Sheet for specific information.